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Where is the city of Galala located? One of the questions that has been repeated a lot in recent times, despite talking about it in many newspapers and different TV channels, but until now there are many who do not know where the city of Galala is located. Today, we will learn about the most prominent information and specifications with which one of the best The Egyptian coastal cities, which is el Galala city.

The city of Galala was considered a distant, intangible dream during the past years. Despite the many promises that spread about building the new city or the dream city as it was known, the step has already been taken and work has been done to build and implement the city of Galala in Ain Sokhna.

What is the big investment project in el Galala city

In the past few years, the Egyptian government has been interested in providing a large and distinguished group of investment projects all over Egypt and has assigned a large group of projects to the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. One of the largest of these projects is the New Galala City in Ain Sokhna, which is being built on a large area to include more than 253 integrated projects.

The New Galala City is not the only project in this area of ​​the coast, but the Engineering Authority has been keen to provide many projects in the same area under the name of Galala, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • El Galala Resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez
  • Galala University
  • Sokhna-Zafarana Road, the distinctive

It is well known that the Sokhna-Zafarana Road is one of the roads that is not done much by splitting the mountain and building the road in the middle of it. Thus, el Galala city has become an integrated tourist city that brings together many residential, touristic, commercial and other projects in one place only.

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Location New el Galala city

  • el galala city was provided in one of the distinguished locations on the sea coast, as it comes at the well-known Galala plateau, at the beginning of the Cairo-Ain Al-Sokhna road, and the level of the city gradually rises until it reaches the top of the plateau in Wadi Hajoul at an altitude of 770 meters.
  • The city of Galala was provided on a main road linking Wadi Hajoul and the newly established Beni Suef-Zafarana road, which is 160 km long and also connects Beni Suef and Zafarana.
  • The main road to the city of Galala is the fastest and most straightforward way through which you can reach the new Galala Mountain with great ease.
El Galala City
El Galala City

What is the purpose of establishing el Galala city

The step of implementing the city is one of the steps set by the Egyptian wisdom for the urban development movement that Egypt aspires to in 2030 AD, whose features are evident in the new city, which is being built on the highest international model to be one of the most famous cities in the world.

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The most prominent features in the city of Galala

El Galala city has a wide range of features that classify it as one of the best Egyptian cities in recent times, which helps it to attract great investment in many diverse tourist and residential projects, and the most prominent of these features are:

  • El Galala city enjoys a privileged location that provides it with the possibilities of constructing, implementing and equipping a wide range of tourist resorts and distinguished hotels, in addition to the fact that the entire city lies on one of the most prominent and important main roads through which it is easy to enter and exit the city.
  • The new city has a view with a distinctive view of the Red Sea coast.
  • The Galala Plateau is of great importance in terms of mining, as it contains precious minerals, most notably marble and phosphates.
  • Providing a large and distinct group of medium-sized residential buildings.
  • Providing a group of tourist resorts.
  • Providing one of the most important universities, which is King Abdullah University.
  • A large selection of shops.
  • A city dedicated to yachts.
  • Providing one of the most prominent hotels that come with the quality of mountain hotels.
  • Offering a large and distinct group of fun entertainment.
  • Providing a large group and a dedicated area for restaurants and cafes containing the most famous international restaurants.
  • Providing for the first time a cable car in the city that connects the city with the resort.
  • Providing one of the largest commercial centers that provide all the products through which all the needs of residents in the city are met.
  • Providing a large and distinguished group of schools at the highest levels of education.

The most important services that are provided in El Galala city

Services are considered one of the most prominent things and ingredients that help investors to invest in the city or other various tourist cities. Here, the Egyptian government and the Engineering Authority in the Egyptian Armed Forces were keen to prepare the new city of Galala to receive various investment projects. Among the most prominent and important services in the city are the following:-

  • A distinct group of main roads that facilitate entry and exit from the city. Providing a group of lakes in which rain water collects in a picturesque appearance.
  • The city is being prepared and executed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world.
  • Providing one of the most prominent and important tourism products, which is the International Galala Resort.
  • Providing the first desalination plant for water in Egypt and the Middle East. Providing one of the largest phosphate fertilizer factories.
  • Preparation and processing of a huge marble factory.
  • Providing 3 sewage treatment plants.
  • Work has been done to provide one of the most prominent electrical stations for the city of Galala only.

The most prominent companies based on the implementation of the city of Galala

Work did not start in the city under the implementation of the Engineering Authority in the Armed Forces alone, but there are many companies that were able to progress and work in the new city in order to complete and implement in record time and with the best quality. These companies have diversified and their details are as follows:-

  • A group of battalions specialized in the engineering field in the Egyptian Armed Forces.
  • About 40 Egyptian companies specialized in the field of roads.
  • A group of 5 companies specialized in construction, industrial works, bridges, tunnels and gas stations.
  • There are 8 companies operating in a specific area, which is the Ras Abu Al-Daraj area in the Galala Tourist Resort, which has a distinct view of the Red Sea coast.

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El Galala City
El Galala City

Spa details in New Galala City

The Egyptian government and the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces announced the establishment of a health product for hospitalization. It is known that the atmosphere in the city above the surface of the earth at a distance of 770 meters helps to recover from various diseases and breathe clean air and get out of sick cases quickly, especially because temperatures decrease by 10 to 12 degrees .

Galala University in Sinai

Galala University for Science and Technology is considered one of the largest and best Egyptian universities ever, which contains a wide range of different disciplines that provide students with freedom of choice. Among the most prominent available disciplines are the following :-

  • College of Science
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • College of Media
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Sociology College

The university has provided another large group of specializations that everyone can join with great ease. The university has provided a large area to accommodate more than 12 thousand students, in addition to allocating an academy for sciences in the new city of Galala.

El Galala City
El Galala City

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